Competition Contributions consist of three parts:

In order to participate, two actions are required by the deadline:

Requirements for (i) System Description

The competition contribution paper should be structured as follows (the structure is recommended, not mandatory; but the below-mentioned information must be provided):

Requirements for (ii) Executable Tool

See rules under "Setup" and "Qualification". The submitted system has to meet the following requirements:

Requirements for (iii) Tool-Info Module

In order to participate at SV-COMP, a tool-info module in the BenchExec repository is necessary. Technically, the tool-info module needs to be integrated into the BenchExec repository under directory benchexec/tools using a pull request.

The task of the tool-info module is (besides other tasks) to translate the output of a verifier to the results FALSE, TRUE, etc. For running the contributed verifier, the organizer follows the installation requirements and executes the verifier, relying on the tool-info module for correct execution of the verifier and correct interpretation of its results.

Please test your tool-info module using the instructions on tool integration.